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In addition to usual general information about our services, on these pages you can learn how to make significant change to your pet’s quality of life. Would you like to learn more about integrative approach to veterinary medicine? Have you ever wondered what is Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture all about? Would you like to meet pioneers of integrative veterinary medicine?

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- is the place where we regularly bring to your attention the latest news from veterinary science and independent research, analyse different aspects of animal care and sometimes we just talk about fun and interesting things related to our animal friends. 


In Mediterranean countries Sand-fly Disease or Leishmaniasis is every dog owner’s worst nightmare, learn here how to prevent and combat this disease.



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Zoran Jankovic DVM, CVA, MRCVS


Equilibrium Malta is companion animal practice integrating conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary medical modalities. For equine patients we also offer Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy and Tui Na as a referral service only.

Most of my clients describe me as a “holistic vet”, but there is no real consensus on the definition of holistic veterinary medicine — even among veterinarians themselves.

My approach to holistic medicine is to treat your pet as a ‘whole’, as a sentient creature, rather than merely treating a particular illness…

This means taking into consideration your pet’s background, the relationship between you and your pet as well as all organic systems that may be involved in the particular problem. I also see “holistic” as focusing on maintaining health and preventing illness rather then reacting to an illness after the fact. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes.

My practice is based on a patient-centered model of medicine that considers what is best for each individual animal, combining clinical excellence with compassionate care. Whether I use conventional (Western) medicine or integrate other  medical modalities, my aim is to always strive to give the best treatment that will ensure the health and wellbeing of my patients.  You can read here how I became a ‘holistic veterinarian’ along with my basic biography.


I hail from Split, a city on the Adriatic Coast of Dalmatia, Croatia. I obtained my degree in veterinary medicine from University of Belgrade in 1996 and have been living and working in Malta since 1999.

After obtaining a formal education in veterinary medicine and practicing for several years I realized that there were certain chronic diseases, behavioral problems and the epidemic of allergic conditions which standard veterinary treatment was not always effective in curing. This prompted me to search for additional methods and complementary practices that can be used in veterinary medicine.

By integrating certain complementary methods and remedies into my practice and introducing lifestyle and dietary changes, I have been successful in treating a wide variety of chronic health problems, including many for which there is no conventional treatment. In 2017 I completed my training as Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist with Chi Institute of Europe which has enabled me to successfully integrate  Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine into my practice and siginificantly improve my clinical results.

However, the discovery of alternative medical modalities did not lead me to disregard for my conventional education and training. In my opinion there are many aspects of conventional medicine that still cannot be replaced by any form of alternative means. This especially goes for surgical procedures as well as certain diagnostic procedures. On the other hand, when it comes to the treatment of chronic disease - various alternative methods, Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture can in my experience offer solutions where conventional treatment alone does not work or gives mediocre results.

Regardless of the method I use my primary goal is to give the best treatment that will ensure the health and wellbeing of my patients.



TaboneDr Zoran has been looking after our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Chico, and cats Smudge and Sasha for the past ten years.
He has always been readily available when needed and has a very reassuring, unhurried and calm approach. We always feel he takes a personal interest and also like the holistic choices available. Dr Zoran is very knowledgeable, willing to take the time to explain everything and also very patient in thinking through with us the best care for Chico. It is clear that Dr. Zoran loves his job and Chico loves him in return! We can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for the best care for their pets.
Family Tabone from Sliema

I found Dr. Zoran to be someone who genuinely shows concern towards dogs. When he came to visit, not only did he analyze and sort out Cody's situation but also spoke about diet and general care for my dog. The best thing for me was that I was not hurried and made to think Cody was just another dog, Dr. Zoran, truly took his time.
Carina Camilleri, Fashion Stylist




Since Dr. Zoran has come into our lives, all the animals at Palazzo Parisio and at home have never been happier! Thank you Zoran for always being available, loving and caring and most definitely being a part of the family.
Justine Pergola




Always there when needed. Very patient and friendly with my dogs gives thorough check ups loves Chico!! Was there when I needed him most and guided me accordingly.
Brigitte Urpani





Working with Dr Zoran its always a pleasure...he is very patient and a good listener. Besides he's not only a vet but also an animal lover. His approach is very natural and holistic thus contributing to the general well being of our loved pets.
Robert Spiteri Dog Behaviour Consultant / Trainer




Glenys Leo

We have known Zoran both personally and professionally for over 15 years. For Zoran, the welfare of the animals he cares for takes priority over everything else. His honesty and dedication are his trademark and we feel privileged to have a vet with his compassion and understanding look after our two dogs Gigi and Tara.
Glenys and Leonard Bowman


GodfreyI have been having cats as pets for over 30 years now, mainly strays or abandoned pets. Obviously at some time or another, I had to refer to vets for their various needs. Over time, I found it necessary to change my Vet who was retiring at the time and it was not easy to find the right one, however after a while I was recommended by a friend to call Dr. Zoran Jankovic.
Since I have been using him over the years, I discovered that I can trust him implicitly with my cats and his innovative approach using homeopathy to cure them from their maladies, which to me works wonders!
There have been many instances where he patiently came to my aid and it is thanks to him that my cats are leading a healthy and happy life. Although I have several cats, he has always attended promptly and punctually to their needs. His character is very easy, he listens carefully and no doubt, he will give you the required service with a smile! I also do not hesitate to recommend him, when the need arises.
Godfrey Sceberras

JoyGattHaving 4 cats, 2 rabbits as well as large and strong Alaskan Malamute, I need a capable vet that I can find whenever needed.
Zoran is not just a vet but also caring animal lover, which makes all the difference.
Shunga, my Alaskan malamute can be hardheaded sometimes and is not easily approached but Zoran never gave up on him, he always finds the way to handle him without tranquilizers or anesthesia. I wholeheartedly recommend Zoran to anyone who loves their pets.
Joy Gatt

leighWe discovered Dr. Zoran through recommendations in a Facebook group we are in, and as breeders, we need a professional, trustworthy and reliable veterinarian that is easily accessible, there when we need him.

Dr. Jankovic stands out from the crowd as a true believer in the notion ‘let food be thy medicine’. He studies in great detail the benefits of good nutrition, and whenever we needed his assistance he has always provided the best possible care, explaining complicated things and answering questions in a straightforward and understandable way, the options and route of care needed in each case. We can honestly say that our dogs have always come first with him and that he has their well being at heart. During an emergency he even guided us over the phone, step by step, patiently, until the emergency was over as due to the critical timing of intervention, there was no way of getting our dog to a clinic or a vet arriving on site in time. We enthusiastically recommend him to everyone we know who has pets.
Leigh Bishop Boxers Del Laya Von Bullen

PattiPiazziZoro Zoran, 
A bliss to have you...
...he makes my eight paws sniffle with anticipation ,
He pampers them with homeopathic remedies that prop them back on their paws
He makes them wag their tails in well being and serenity.
Treats are a plenty when they feel better and scamper well!
And his logic is so simple and true that we only can care more about food and small issues that weigh our days down when our pets are in gloom or ill !!!!!
We are so happy our roads have crossed, thank you Zoran!!!
Patti and Guiseppe Piazzi


I moved to Malta from the UK in April 2013 with our 2 Jack Russell's. Dr. Jankovic was recommended to us and we have been very delighted with his thorough services. Our dogs are treated with great care and concern; we are given helpful advice especially with protecting them from Sandfly,
Nothing is too much.Dr. Zoran is helpful, professional and friendly and I highly recommend him.
Poli Bond


RuthI started using the services of Dr Zoran after the many recommendations I read about him on the Facebook group 'Are you being served?'.
I have to admit that since I started going to Dr Jankovic I have been very pleased. What I really appreciate about the way he works is the fact that every case is dealt with a lot of care by him. Every human and every pet is an individual with a story not just a client. His explanation of what he'll be diagnosing or assessing is given in detail. 
When I unfortunately went through the very hard time of losing my beloved Boxer - Taco - Dr. Jankovic didn't just show concern for Taco's struggles, but also for the way I was feeling during those hard times. He was there to assist on his off days and even very late at night. I have a lot of praise for Dr Jankovic, praise for his kindness, attention, dedication and concern.
Ruth Mallia B.A. & P.G.C.E.


SueRizzoDr Zoran is my vet for my current dog Ody and was also treating my dog Rusty in last few years of his life. Rusty sadly passed away last September at 13 years of age and had quite a few allergy problems. He developed cancer and we had to put him down. Dr. Jankovic was excellent with both my dogs and I always felt assured that the best treatment was being given. He is a very understanding, compassionate vet with a great knowledge of natural remedies. 
So of course, when I got Ody my 5 month old puppy, I immediately called Dr. Jankovic and he has been taking care of him ever since.
Sue Rizzo


MilaI am happy to have found a veterinarian in Malta who shares my views on holistic treatment of pets. He always keeps educating himself about latest developments in veterinary science, but also researches holistic ways of healing. This is the perfect combo, and I couldn't ask for more! I can always trust him to suggest the best possible treatment for my beloved pets. 
Mila Perry


vivianIt is evident that Zoran loves dogs. I love my dog and it is very important to have confidence in your vet - Dr Jankovic is my ideal vet. My dog, Max, is a very nervous dog but Zoran always takes time to get his confidence. I love his holistic approach - Max eats raw meat and is thriving. Even though I am no longer in Malta, Zoran still replies to my emails when I have a question about Max. This speaks volumes, justifies my confidence and explains why I am missing my vet!
Vivian Ingretolli, Rome


scottyI am a proud owner of a Labrador called Scottie. He will be 5 years in May.
From a very young age Dr Jankovic has been Scottie's Vet and a very patient one I must say. I am one of those dog owners who worries for the slightest thing but Dr Jankovic's kindess and patience is very reassuring and I know my dog is in safe hands. He is very professional, polite and knowledgable. Also very considerate.
He is available to see Scottie even at short notice and is always prompt to respond to messages and phone calls, whether it is the weekend or late at night.
I have recommended Dr Jankovic to friends and they also very happy to have him as their pet's doctor
Claire Grech

gabycDr Zoran Jankovic has been my family vet from over 5 years, and he is always available for my pets, his quick response and dedication , puts my mind at rest--, thus it makes all the difference, he gives me and my family ‘Peace of mind’ whenever my pets are concerned. 
He is gentle with animals and they take to him immediately. I also appreciate the methods he uses and also the suggestions on natural remedies. He is my Organic-Veterinarian !
I wish him success with all our four footed friends and others.
Gabi Cuschieri

stefanI first met Dr. Zoran Jankovic and his two dogs (Breeze and Zephyr) when I was out walking with my dog (Robin). Robin was adopted from the SPCA and being border collie/springer spaniel mix he is full of energy, so I was eager to meet other dog owners who were willing to allow their dogs to socialize and play with Robin. Being a vet, Zoran understood my need to socialize a rescue dog like Robin straightaway, and asked me to join him and his dogs every morning to exercise our dogs together. This welcoming and proactive approach led me to choose Zoran as Robin’s veterinarian. His advice with regards to Robin’s health is very professional and appreciated. Every check-up Robin has been to at Zoran's clinic has been very thorough; no unnecessary medications or treatments are prescribed. Overall I am very happy with the service I have received. I would recommend Zoran without any hesitation to any pet owner.
Stefan Mohnani

sueComing from a family that has always had dogs and a vet for a father, it was very important to find someone i trust and like to look after my boys. After trying out quite a few of the vets in Malta I was recommended to try Zoran and have been very happy with his services ever since. He is available for the silliest of queries, calm and rational when I am in a panic and keeps my boys in the best of health. I would highly recommend him to any one who is looking for a vet that uses both natural remedies and conventional medicine, has a great love for dogs and nature and enormous patience with the animals owners :)
Sue Caruana


sofiaI met Dr. Zoran completely by chance shortly after the arrival of my female Jack Russell terrier to Malta when I was still searching for a veterinary doctor for her. As soon as I visited his web page I knew he was the right vet for my dog and that my search was over. It was the first veterinary site I ever came across that was promoting not pills, vaccines and certain brands of food for the four-legged members of our families but pointing out the importance of having a holistic approach to their health starting with food, homeopathic remedies and natural methods for prevention of parasites. His views are perfectly in line with my opinions on human health and well-being and I am more than happy that such approach can be applied to my dog as well. He is not only a fantastic veterinary specialist but also a great dog owner. His two dogs are healthy, balanced and well behaved animals and he could be an example for any dog owner. I cannot recommend enough Dr. Zoran Jankovic! He is always polite, smiling, calm and positive! He has always helped me with advices over the phone or has been flexible with the appointments or home visits when needed. Thank you, Dr. Zoran!
Sophia Polak

borisWe can never thank Dr. Zoran enough for all the love and care he shows when he treats our Westie and 2 cats. He is very gentle and does his utmost to make our pets feel at ease. What we appreciate most is that he always puts the wellbeing of our pets first by ensuring that he only prescribes the minimum medicine required or goes for natural remedies. Finally, he is very understanding with concerned owners and always replies when we sms or call him. We highly recommend Dr. Zoran to any animal loving person. 
Boris Xerri


ElinorBI got to know about Zoran, through word of mouth when I was searching for a new vet for my two yorkies back in 2009. I was curious because they told me he practices homeopathy on dogs and that alternative medicine can be as effective as traditional without the unnecessary side effects. Throughout the years I had the pleasure to recommend him to other friends as I've been satisfied with the way he treats my dogs. Last year I had to say my goodbye to one of my dogs and Zoran was very sensitive about it, followed up on the matter and showed genuine interest on the health of my other dog. Thank you!
Elinor Barbara


zabeanI was extremely lucky that a friend recommended Zoran to me, he is a great vet. He always put the well being of my dogs first and foremost, never pushing unnecessary profitable medications or treatments. When I exported my dogs from Malta he handled all the veterinary requirements. He managed a complicated return to Australia which ensured their travel went smoothly. Zoran is a kind hearted person and knowledgable vet who considers the well being of the animal he's treating above all else.
Zabean Bahnji


stanleyThere are three groups of people which my pets – a Rottweiler and a Siamese cat – hate: screaming children, strange people knocking on our door asking for money, and vets. The latter held true until Dr Jankovic first called at our house to examine my cat, who at the time was seriously, and probably morbidly, obese. That was some six years ago. Since then, Dr Jankovic has been treating my little furry family with care, respect and love – and they repay him with plenty of trust, as do I.
Stanley Borg


leahDr. Zoran is an exceptional vet, maintaining utmost professionalism, however putting anxious owners, like myself, at ease with such an outgoing personality. He took the time to explain the necessity of the procedures to be done while getting to know and familiarise himself with my dogs. He also took the time, on his own accord, to investigate what type of diet I supply my dogs with and offered a better alternative supplied with reasons. His passion towards animals shines and I highly recommend him as a vet to anyone.
Leah Vella


FabriziaZoran is a marvellous vet who is always very pleasant to both owners and their pets. He is very professional and always has a solution to help heal my dogs. The fact that he uses homeopathy and has a good knowledge of diet makes a big difference to the recovery times. He is convenient and well priced and always goes out of his way regardless of the time of day. I have learned to rely upon his services to keep my dogs healthy. Thank god for Zoran.
Fabrizia Frendo-Randon


Jack and myself are very grateful that we have such a caring vet. He is patient and has a gentle natural rapport with animals. He is also very quick to get back to you when you call or email with questions or for appointments. I feel fortunate that my dog’s medical care is in his hands and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for the very best for your pet.
Christine Zammit



guidoI met Zoran probably six or seven years ago and immediately felt he was sympathetic to a sometimes silly owner of a small animal and most definitely was sympathetic towards the small animal in question who is Guido! He advised me re diet and now the sad sore scratching little Westie is a comfortable seven year old with very few medical problems, thanks to the advice I received from Zoran. I only hope he doesn't head off to his hamlet and breed goats etc and leave poor Guido and I without his back up!!!!
Sue Browne




Uncle Zoran, is always very patient with us even if we hiss at him and try to runaway and scratch him! He has been taking good care of us and we would very gladly recommend him.
Leo, Tina and Mia with Melanie Giorgi




Zoran is a very gentle, compassionate vet and is genuinely caring towards all our furry family members. He takes an interest in their welfare, and when they are ill, he offers a holistic view to the situation at hand. When one of my pets was gravely ill recently, I could discuss my thoughts and ideas about the situation openly and comfortably with Zoran, even outside office hours. This kind of support is of paramount importance to me, and I am happy to say that I can commend Zoran on this too.
Natasha Borg



Equilibrium Malta is companion animal practice integrating conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary medical modalities. For equine patients we also offer Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy and Tui Na as a referral service only.

Dr. Zoran's services are again available in Malta from 15th April 2019 at Dr. Trevor's Clinic - Triq Il Kbira, Tas-Sliema or via home visits. 


  • Health Checks and wellness exams
  • Internal medicine and general surgery
  • Home visits
  • Vaccinations when neccesary and in accordance with World Small Animal Veterinary Association guidelines
  • Vaccicheck titre testing
  • Microchipping and passports
  • Annual screening for Lesihmaniasis ( Sand fly disease)
  • Natural parasite control
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tui Na manipulation for companion animals
  • Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for equine patients  
  • Western Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • End of life paliative care


Referals for acupuncture and TCVM

In order to provide the best care for your pet or horse, we will be working alongside your regular vet and we need your animal's medical history including lab results, radiographs, and all other relevant information received  before the consult.

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