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Andrea Faye Christians 


My Bio


I hail from Split, a city on the Adriatic Coast of Dalmatia, Croatia. I obtained my degree in veterinary medicine from University of Belgrade in 1996 and have been living and working in Malta since 1999.

After obtaining a formal education in veterinary medicine and practicing for several years I realized that there were certain chronic diseases, behavioral problems and the epidemic of allergic conditions which standard veterinary treatment was ineffective in curing. During the search for alternatives, my personal health was greatly improved with homeopathic treatment, leading me to the study of classical homeopathy and finally incorporation of this system of medicine into my veterinary practice.

By incorporating certain complementary remedies into my practice and introducing lifestyle and dietary changes, I have been successful in treating a wide variety of chronic health problems, including many for which there is no conventional treatment.

However, the discovery of alternative healing methods did not lead me to disregard my conventional education and training. In my opinion there are many aspects of conventional medicine that still cannot be replaced by any form of alternative means. This especially goes for surgical procedures as well as certain diagnostic procedures. On the other hand, when it comes to therapy, alternative methods and homeopathy can offer solutions where allopathic (conventional) treatment does not work.

Regardless of the method I use my aim is to always strive to give the best treatment that will ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet.




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