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dp-side-leftdp-side-rightIf your two, four, six, and eight - legged friends are not just pets but also family then this is just the page for you, together we can learn how to create a happy and long life for them.
Daily Pet Blog is the news site for all animal lovers. On these pages we bring you the latest in veterinary medicine, research and animal science, our thoughts on animal care and husbandry, as well as interesting and fun stuff related to animals.
Animal companions bring joy, kindness, innocence and learning into our daily life and the work on this blog is expression of our gratitude.


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Unleash the love: Dog Risk Awarenes Week

DogRisk is a research project about nutritional, environmental and genetic factors behind canine diseases.  The research team at the Department of Equine and Small Animal Medicine in Helsinki led by Dr. Anna Hielm Bjorkman has already obtained ground breaking data, however due to lack of funds they are unable to complete this project and publish their findings in peer reviewed journals. Now it is time for every pet parent, every dog or cat lover to contribute  and make the future of our furry friends brighter.    


Some facts about Canine Parvovirus


As always - prevention is better than the cure.

Lately social media users have been consumed with panic over Parvovirus infection.  Indeed Parvovirosis is a serious disease, highly contageous  and  very often  fatal. However this is usually the case with very young, typically unvaccinated and immunocompromised dogs. In reality Parvovirus has always been with us and it is not a new disease and there are efficient ways to prevent it. Here are some facts about this virus every pet parent should know...


17 Golden rules to raise a well balanced dog

When getting a new puppy or a rescued adult dog many novce dog owners take it for granted  that every dog is by default  born knowing how to be a dog.  In reality pups depend on their parents and their pack to teach them how to become well balanced and happy dogs. When  becoming  "pet parents" we must fullfil this role.  We are not all biologists, zoologists or behaviourists but we can all acquire a pup or adult dog when ever we like. To protect your dog's wellness and biology as a canine, YOU must know your dog's biology and how this operates within the environment.

Right now, in the wild, adult social canines are changing their "time-keeping," providing support, slowing down time and ensuring that the new members of their family receive all they need to be balanced individuals, both within themselves and their environment and surroundings.  Dr. Isla Fishburn teaches us  how be the same for our own dog.


New Zealand dog diet study - a wake-up call for animal nutrition!

 Dr. Emma Bermingham

Dog owners can improve the wellbeing of their canine companions by serving up a high meat diet rather than the “human-like” fare favoured by many, a new study shows.

The independent New Zealand study – only the second of its kind in the world – found the high meat diet is easier for dogs to digest, means more nutrients are able to be absorbed, and resulted in higher levels of bacteria associated with protein and fat digestion.

These higher levels of bacteria demonstrated a dog’s gut is biologically designed to digest a diet high in meat.


A woman that runs with wolves - Intereview with Dr. Isla Fishburn

My guest today is  Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) a canine wellness practitioner. She is passionate about creating a co-existence between people and animals. Her experience as a conservation biologist and ambassador for wildlife quickly made her discover that conservation needs to begin at home: “many people do not consider the emotions and experiences of our dogs and how this can affect their very wellbeing.” Isla’s mission is to still create a co-existence between people and wildlife but first she must help people to conserve the natural dog; from genetics, diet, behavior and, most of all, emotions. Isla is a firm believer that dogs have emotions and these are the foundations of any mammal’s survival.


All natural, home made ear cleaner for pets

Here is Dr. Karen Becker's recipe for super effective, all natural ear cleaner for your furry friends in awsome presentation by Rodney Habib of Planet Paws.


Do Dogs Need Fruits and Vegetables?

Are you sick of conflicting information about plants in a raw diet?   Me too.

Nothing is more confusing to raw feeders than the debate over fruits and vegetables in a dog’s diet.

The raw feeding community agrees on the exclusion of grains in a canine raw diet. But they’re divided when it comes to the use of plants. And this is where the raw feeding ideologies take different paths.
Do dogs need fruits and vegetables for optimal health?

Most commercial pet food companies and “BARF diet” raw feeders believe fruits and vegetables belong in a dog’s diet. But “Prey Model” feeders advocate as carnivores, dogs have no need for plant matter.

Let’s get to the bottom of this debate right now....


Three main reasons to use common sense when feeding your pets

We all wish for our furry family members to reach their full developmental potential  and to live in vibrant good health. Unfortunately common practice is not always based on common sense, instead large majority of widely accepted habits in our society is based primarily on economic interest and blatant disregard for some basic facts of nature.  Here are three  important reasons why you should never feed your pets highly processed commercial foods:


Hot Spots - What are they and how to treat them...

We are at the peak of hot spots season. Hot spots are also known as acute moist dermatitispyotraumatic dermatitis or superficial pyoderma. Those tongue-twisters are just scientific labels for inflamed, infected skin. Dr. Karen Becker explains what the hot spots are, what can you do at home to treat them and when to seek help from your veterinarian. 


Seeds of death - Full documentary

If you are still feeding commercial diets please read your pet food labels carefully, if it contains corn or soy the chances are it contains genetically modified grains.
In this post I linked to the full documentary Genetic Roulette - Gamble of our lives. This video offered unmistakable evidence of danger associated with use of GMO foods. Unfortunately this documentary has, in the meantime  been scrubbed from the net.

Today Daily Pet offers another video about the dangers of genetically modified food. This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet's future if Big Agriculture's new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.




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