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The complete diet for dogs with chronic disease

The diet for dogs with chronic disease is usually designed to supply necessary macro nutrients and micro nutrients with a reduced caloric intake. Studies have shown that a lowered calorie, balanced, high quality protein diet without excessive, complex carbohydrates aid in treating chronic diseases such as cancer.

The diet I am advising on this page is already following these guidelines. If your chronically ill dog is still exercising and going out regularly the daily percentage of food intake in relation to body weight should be 3%, if it doesn't leave the house much then this percentage should be kept at 2%.

In addition to these guidelines, depending on the specific condition of the dog, I will advise certain supplements during the consultation where I can devise a nutritional plan specifically tailored for your dog's condition.

There are certain herbal remedies and extracts that can promote detoxification and significantly help to relieve the burden on the liver and kidneys. This is very important for dogs with chronic conditions such as epilepsy, arthritis  or kidney failure who have been taking medicines for extended periods of time.


This is just a general list of supplements that would be highly beneficial for every doig with chronic disease:

  • Fish Oil (molecular distillation), one - five grams EPA + DHA daily (depending on weight)
  • Vitamin C - 500mg if under 23 kg twice daily / 1000mg if over 23 kg twice daily
  • Vitamin E - 200 IU's if under 23 kg once daily / 400 IU's if over 23 kg once daily
  • Arginine - 500mg once or twice daily
  • Grape seed extract / Pycnogenol, approx. 2mg per kg body weight, twice daily.

Supplements for cancer patients or dogs with Leishmaniasis

  • Astragalus 10+, Chinese Formula.
  • Transfer Factor Plus (4life). For further information on Supplements & Nutrients for Cancer patients please inquire during consultation

For more information and supplementation protocols please inquire during the consultation.



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