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Leishmania  Canis Nosode

I have devised a special protocol of a nosode application for effective prevention of canine Leishmaniasis.

Nosodes are specialized homeopathic remedies that are prepared by taking actual diseased matter such as diseased tissue or nasal discharge from a sick animal. The preparation of a nosode involves a lengthy process of succussion and dilution of the original material using traditional homeopathic protocols until virtually no molecules of the crude substance remain, rendering the nosode safe for use.

This process, called potentization, inactivates the original disease substance and converts the material into a bioenergetic remedy, which interacts with the body’s energy field. The final product is a potent remedy that is an energetic blueprint of the actual disease and can actually stimulate dogs immune system to ward off the disease

The difference between a nosode and a conventional vaccine is that there are no dangerous chemicals and additives in the homeopathic remedy. Nosodes are also given orally whereas core vaccines are injected.

My Leishmania canis nosode is prepared in a reputable homeopathic laboratory in the UK and is completely safe, easy to administer and can be given to puppies much earlier than the vaccines.

Pregnant females can be treated with nosodes prior to giving birth, providing immunity to their litters before they are born.

One bottle of Lesihmania Canis Nosode  will provide protection for the whole year.

For your individually tailored Leishmania prevention protocol please use the contact form on this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this nosode be given with food?

No. Homeopathic remedies are never given with food. They must be given either 1 h before or after food.

2. Isn't homeopathy just a "quacky alternative method" , some people say homeopathic remedies don't work because they are too diluted?

Homeopathy is comprehensive healing method utilised by both medical doctors and veterinarians. At the core of homeopathic workings is Arndt- Shultz Biochemical law and the scientifically proven principle of hormesis. Learn more about this here.

3. Are there any side effects?

No - if used within the recommended protocol homeopathic nosodes are completely safe and will not cause any side effects, unlike conventional vaccines.

4. What is the rate of protection?

Currently there are no scientific studies which measure the rate of protection provided by nosodes. Dr. Christopher Day used nosode in outbreak of Kennel Cough with the great success. It is my professional opinion based on years of clinical experience with homeopathic remedies that Leishmania nosode in combination with OTHER PROTECTIVE MEASURES can provide effective and safe protection which is also inexpensive in comparison with the conventional vaccine.

5. My dog is already diagnosed with Sand Fly Disease- can nosode help?

Yes. In the early stages of diseases nosodes can exhibit curative effect.

For your individually tailored Leishmania prevention protocol please use the contact form on this page.





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