My Buddy boy, we had been having episodes yearly after he had a knee operation at young age. Buddy would be doing great then one morning we would wake up and he would have lost all sensation in his back legs and lower back . It happened three years in a row and would last a few weeks with us going back and forth to vets and him being injected with steroids only to end up back where we started. The last time it happened , Dr.Zoran was abroad studying for acupuncture and Chinese medicine . We had had no choice but to take buddy to the emergency only to have the vet tell us that the only solution was to put my Buddy down. AS IF!! It was early morning when we called Dr.Zoran and we were lucky he had literally just arrived back home from this course. I remember him telling me , this is our only choice and Buddy is going to be my first patient. My god , I do not think he could have had more pressure. We did the session and took Buddy home , an hour later , a miracle. Buddy rolled on to his back in his bed ( he had not done it in weeks ) I instantly messaged Dr.Zoran who I think was just as happy as I was . In the beginning we used to do two sessions weekly, now 2 years later , Buddy has acupuncture monthly and we have not had any episodes . That combined with the Chinese herbs, raw food , swimming and Zoran constant care and help means Buddy who is now 7 years old has never been fitter or stronger. Without Dr.Zoran I do not think we would have such a healthy and happy dog, he really honestly is dedicated and the fact that he brings an all natural approach to animal care is just fantastic . Thank you Dr.Zoran for giving me my Buddy back!

Sammy Jo Portelli





shatzBig thanks to Dr. Zoran for suggesting Chinese medicine and performing a miracle on Shatz our sweet cat.
For more then a year Shatz was breathless and coughing most of the time. When she would get bad she would stop eating altogether.
She would get better after course of antibiotics but then she would go back to square one after the course was finished. The x-ray examination and endoscopy confirmed that she is suffering from feline asthma. We were suggested steroids for almost 2 months which did help but as soon as we stopped the medication Shatz was in distress coughing and panting. We were really desperate and helpless seeing our baby gasping for breath all the time! Dr. Zoran than suggested we try Chinese medicine and so we did, We took her to first session which lasted almost an hour. Once we were home we couldn’t believe our eyes with joy, Shatz was full of energy and jumping around …most importantly breathing normally as if nothing ever happened. Her appetitive returned and she was a happy cat again. She recived more treatments once a week for several weeks and she continued to do great, Its been over a year and a half now and Shatz never relapsed. We see Dr. Zoran on average every 3-4 months for adjustment treatments and Shatz seems to enjoy them as she happily sleeps throughout the treatment session.
Steve Abela




GoodyDr. Zoran saved Goody’s life and healed our families’ hearts simultaneously. Goody is our 12 year old Dahschund who was unable to walk after an injury to his back. He was in agonizing pain, strong painkillers didn’t work and we were preparing ourselves for the worst. Then our local vet referred us to Dr. Zoran who was able to use his knowledge in animal acupuncture and Chinese herbs and within few treatments Goody was back on his feet. After the first session we could immediately see that he is relieved and his pain stopped. Dr.Zoran’s hands can work miracles and we cannot thank or recommend him enough.
Zoe Theofilou






rexOur Siberian husky Rex had severe colitis the first time we met Dr.Zoran. He suffered this debilitating condition for years despite our regular visits to different vets. He was in constant visible pain, that never seemed to be helped by any medicine.
Improvement was seen right away after Dr. Zoran suggested change of diet to natural food and avoiding any processed food. However Rex was still not 100% he couldn’t gain weight, his appetite was not really good all the time. He was also suffering from anxiety at times. That is when we decided to add acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs into his life following Dr. Zoran’s suggestion. After just a few sessions visible improvement came along. Our dog seemed already happier and with a huge desire to play all the time. His appetite came back in full power ,while he slowly started gaining weight. Stomach discomfort was not an issue anymore. No words can describe how thankful we are for having Dr Zoran in our life. I can not recommend him highly enough. His passion and love for his job is what makes him so special. His approach, respect and care for all of his patients is what makes us trust him with our eyes closed.
Thank you Dr. Zoran for everything you always do. 

Nicolette Nenkova Zlateva




Zoran, your acupuncture and herbs have worked magic on Tanooki, he had cloudy brown spots on his eyes and itchy, smelly skin, after just 4 treatments his eyes cleared up completely and dry itchy back returned to normal, his fur also changed texture,he is one happy Pug!!!
Faline Edwards



BlackyBlacky, my old lady with heart issues, coughed her heart out, barely walked, was fed about 5 different tablets twice day and needed a 3-course menu each night. That was 2 years ago when we decided to start our journey with Dr. Zoran's acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.
Since Blacky is a very old dog it took few weeks until we saw lasting positive results from the sessions, like more energy and less coughing. One year after our treatment started, we celebrated our first big step - zero tablets!
Now, 2 years later and at estimated 18.5 years of age Blacky runs without coughing, is on 0 tablets but still demands her well deserved 3 course menus for dinner. Lately she started giving Dr Z. kisses...I am sure that is her way of saying thank you for his never ending patience, foresight, professional guidance and motivational support throughout the years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Dr. Marion Manowsky





In July 2017, my dog Sky (8 yrs) was walking when suddenly he started losing balance and could not walk anymore. He lost force on all limbs. I rushed to vets and all they told me was, there is no hope cause it's neurological. I took him to Dr. Zoran Jankovic with my last hope that Sky will be able to walk again. Dr. Zoran told me that, the fact that I believed in his recovery, it is already part of the healing process. Dr. Zoran, with great patience (because Sky is not an outgoing dog and would not stay still) did acupuncture on Sky. Weight was a major problem, so he put him on raw diet, to lose weight and remove any inflammation caused by dried food. He also gave him, herbal medicine. My family and I spent two months taking care of him like a baby but we were determined not to lose him as long as he was not in pain. In September 2017, I could not believe my eyes! Sky was making his first steps! At first, he was walking like he was drunk, but every week he was getting better and better. With every acupuncture treatment, we were seeing great improvements. Finally, he was getting up on his feet on his own! I kept taking him for treatment and today he not only walks but runs after the ball! Never lose hope!
Dr. Zoran saved Sky and I will never consider any other vet because I trust him completely. His love for animals is part of the success he has in the healing of these creatures.
Romi Galea





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